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Western Union is one of the most important Financial Institutions in the World, with a worldwide network of about 120.000 Point of Sell in 185 different Countries..

Western Union Money-Transfer is a subsidiary of the First Data Corporation (FDC) Group of Companies: FDC is a global leader in payment system solutions, e-commerce and information technology. FDC offers such services to more than 1.400 Financial Institutions and 396 mios. consumers worldwide: First Data moves over $2 trillion every year (roughly one third of the GNP!).

> 1851 - Year of foundation
> 1861 - The railway connection 'coast to coast' is completed.
> 1871 - First 'money-transfer' is performed

> 1914 - First credit card in the USA
> 1935 - First public offering of fax service in the USA

> 1982 - W.U. is the first Co. in the World to have 5 satellites in orbit
> 1989 - The 'money-transfer' service is offered also outside the USA
> 1995 - W.U. set up the Regional H.Q. in Hong Kong, Paris and Wien
> 1997 - Omnia Finanziaria is named W.U. Agent for Italy
> 1998 - 50.000th Point of Sell is opened
> 2001 - The W.U. has 101.000 Point of Sell
> 2002 - On January 3rd Omnia Finanziaria starts offering Western Union via Internet

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